The Hunger Games

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Mix one part Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” two parts Reality TV, three parts American Idol, and four parts heroic quest (as described by Joseph Campbell and others) and you might come up with something close to Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games. While this dystopian story is set in the ruins of a place that used to be known as the United States of America, it has an old-fashioned and primitive feel to it.

Each year, a lottery is held in which 24 young people-12 boys and 12 girls-are chosen as tributes to participate in an ordeal of survival known as the Hunger Games. The games end when only one of the 24 tributes is left alive. Since no food is provided, death might come through starvation, but that would not make for exciting television (hidden cameras have been planted throughout the area) and so the producers of the games come up with creative ways to provide unusual Tag Heuer Replica weapons as well as “natural” hazards. The entire populace watches the televised games and the participants have no way of knowing exactly when they are on-camera. In the scary lottery that takes place in Chapter 1, Katniss-the 16-year-old heroine of the book-does not actually have her name drawn. She gets into the games because when her little sister’s name is drawn, she pushes the ten-year-old behind her and says without even thinking, “I volunteer!… I volunteer as tribute! The rules allow for such volunteering, but in the history of the Games it had never happened before.

Katniss comes from the poorest part of the poorest district. It is called The Seam because it is in the center of the coal-mining area where, five years earlier, Katniss’s father had been killed in a mine explosion. Since then, Katniss’s mother has eked out a living for her family by providing natural medicines and herbs and caring for the injured. When the family was desperate for food, Katniss took up her father’s illegal “hobby” of hunting wild game in the forbidden forest and trading with Greasy Sae, an old woman who makes her living by selling hot bowls of soup. Katniss’s “partner in crime” has been an 18-year-old boy named Gale. She met him in the forest as he hunted to feed his own family of five, and over the years they became friends and hunting partners.

One of the boys chosen in the lottery turns out to be the baker’s son, Peeta, who Katniss remembers from a kindness he extended after her father’s death. But still she holds back from him because she does not want to kill-or be killed by-someone she has grown close to.

Many of Collins’s human characters have old-fashioned names, while the common names given by the central government add a sense of menace. A young woman who in the capitol cares for Katniss’s needs is an Avox, a person “without voice” because her tongue has been cut out as punishment for an act of rebellion. The central government also displays its power through breeding dangerous animals. Tracker jackers are yellow-jacket wasps that not only inflict poisonous stings but Omega Replica Watches also hunt out their victims, while muttations are the spirits of killed tributes who come back as horrible dogs to renew their fight against those still alive.
Readers who have come to know and love Katniss, and to a lesser extent Peeta and Gale, will be pleased to read the last words on the last page: “End of Book One,” which implies that the story is continuing. (APN)

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Logix Commercial Office Suites Noida Call@9953790602

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Logix Group – A fundamentally strong group with the experience of rising 4 million sq ft of IT Parks and office buildings, introduces an exclusive commercial project ‘La Premiere’. An elite commercial project is situated in Sector 124, Noida. It is very near to Apollo Hospital in Sarita Vihar South Delhi, Mahamaya Flyover & Amity Campus, Formula1 Racing Track, Night Safari, Taj expressway.
La Premiere Noida integrates 3 striking towers including 1.5 million sq ft of Commercial Office Suites . The hi-tech offices are contemporary & classily constructed, creating pleasing work surroundings, and many on-location conveniences. La Premiere offices are planned considering the Green Revolution &Fresh n healthy environment for working people.
Logix La Premiere Noida – a target selection for small, medium & large corporate.
Embraced with top-notch reception areas with conference rooms & meeting rooms, Food & Beverage services, tour & service desk, plenty parking facility & well managed traffic passage…. La Premiere incorporates definitively the best office spaces.
With a smart buy inaugural price of Rs. 8500 per sq ft, these enormously equipped offices give you an added advantage of global business conveniences. It is exceptionally decorated & facilitated taking into account all your global business requirements.
Logix La Premiere has in-campus 5 star hotels, residences, convention centres, shopping & entertainment making it a target selection for small, medium & large size corporate.
Logix – The Developer:-
Logix holds an upper hand in developing commercial projects with all projects an ultimate success. Logix is providing the modern facilities to IT / ITES, MNC’s and large corporate. Logix has already urbanized 4 million sq ft of IT Parks and office buildings in Noida and is managing more than 2.5 million sq ft of International Class IT Parks.
Impeccable Facilities of Business Suites :
Air Conditioning Alarm or manned security
Broadband Chip and put golf course on the terrace
Call Answering Car Parking
100% power back up Branch Bank & ATM within campus
Courier Services Large & efficient floor plans
Fax services Incoming Mail/Package Distribution
Internet Access Kitchen Facility
High Speed Lift / Elevator Manned Reception
Meeting Rooms /Boardroom /Conference Modern Building
Office Cleaning Office Furniture
On Site Management and Staff Golf Course
Photocopying and Faxing Shopping & Entertainment facilities nearby

Price List & Payment Plan – Inaugural price of Rs 8500 per sq ft
Description INR/ sq ft
Basic Sales Price (BSP) 8500

Lease Rent* 500
Capital Replenishment Fund* 150
IFMS* 96

Car Parking Charges per bay (one mandatory car park with every unit**)
Basement 2 3.5 Lacs
Basement 1 4 Lacs
Surface Car Park (Reserved) 5 Lacs

Central Green Facing 500
Road Facing 250

1. Cheque/ draft to be made in favor of “M/s Logix Realtech Pvt. Ltd.” Payable at Noida/ Delhi
2. Price list can be revised at the sole discretion of the company without any notice.
3. Prices at which the units shall be booked will remain firm.
*Payable at the time of Possession.
**Beyond 2000 sq ft Saleable Area, additional one mandatory car park for every 1000 sq ft
Booking is subject to Terms & Conditions as given in the company application form and sale/ purchase agreement

For Booking and more information:
Phone: 9953790602

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Solar Power Sources – Build Your Own Solar Panels

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There is no doubt solar energy in the future with some new homes coming with Solar Panels in the Roof as standard. However should you buy Solar Panel or build your own?

So firstly we need to look at the cost if you buy solar panels and from the research I have done regarding new homes they are basically saying the solar panels have a cost of some $14000.00 and obviously if you can afford that amount of money I would suggest that you do your internet research and find the best product and have it installed.

The obvious benefits are that you will have a manufacturers warranty and most importantly you can be playing golf or go to the football whilst they are installing it whilst the ladies can be at the gym or the beauticians at the same time. Obviously ladies if you like to play golf and go to the football that’s brilliant but I haven’t personally found such a wonderful woman.

However if your like millions out there who cant afford to buy solar panel or just love DIY then building you own is a real option and something well worth considering. The only problem is how do I build a solar panel? The truth is its not as difficult as you think and you can easily research what you need to do and you what you need to buy on the internet and do it yourself.

My own suggestion would be to look to buy an e-book on the internet, one that offers a money back guarantee and for that small price you know that you’re not going to have any problems building your solar panel and most people who offer such eBooks are on hand to give you advice if you need it.

The fact you are reading this article means you’re serious about solar panels and making a difference to the world in which we live in. So don’t ask what solar panels can do for you but what you can do for your planet by making your own solar panel.

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Happy Time Baby Shoes – Mothers’ Best Choice

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<div>Happy Time is a well-known designer and manufacturer for baby shoes. The headquarters locates in Los Angeles and there we have more than 50 professional designers from all over the America, all of them have rich experience in baby shoes designing and one tenth are the world top-class designers. Every year, more than 200 kinds of new baby shoes become realized from here. This is the critical reason why we have been leading the world fashion for so many years.</div>
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<div>Happy Time focuses on Baby shoes for age 0~5, and it almost covers 40% of kids’ daily wear, all of which are practical shoes including indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. Happy Time emphasizes comfortable and healthy very much. We have a very strict selection for the material as well as the process. Material must be done more than 5 tests before using, and here all the processes are made by manual. Every pair of shoes we provide is not only practical shoes, but also an art.</div>
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<div>Happy Time is so popular in America, and it keeps the top 3 sales records for more than 10 years, but it seldom has discount shoes except the shoes short in size.</div>
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<div>But now, you have the great chance to get the big discount with high value! This year is Happy Time’s 30th anniversary, and we’d like to take this time to thanks all our customers with offering 30% discount for all available shoes. Also, we are promoting another new service – design yourself. Mothers can design your own special shoes for your lovely kids, and Happy Time will help you realize your dream. Just use our system on line, and it will lead you step by step to finish the design as well as the color selection. This really will be a precious memory for mothers and kids. For more detailed information about discount and design course, please view our website: www. Happy Time. com.</div>
<div> </div>
<div>Your choice, Our pleasure, Kids happy childhood!</div>


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Faucet Manufacturers – Locating a Trustworthy Kind of Faucet for the Property

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Faucet manufacturers are able to offer you using the reliable type of faucet which you want for the home. Most of us would would like to have our home to become the best it could be. That implies that we’re so keen with all the points which can be set up in our household.

Our home is with out doubt important to us for it’s going to serve as a reminder and also a reflection of your becoming. From the framework of your home alone, we are able to see an overview in the personality with the operator. The interior touches for instance the curtains, the furniture, the wall decors, the chandelier and even the modest details like the faucet will ready to give us a better comprehending on the person. Perhaps, it truly is correct that our house is the extension of our person. It may possibly also be our masterpiece, our expression of our becoming that even with even the slightest detail is vital.

Just for example, finding the appropriate type of faucet for that kitchen sink proves to be incredibly crucial to get a homemaker. This really is not just because, she sees to it the faucet will not leak or drip but since that small detail in the kitchen will have a significant mark.

Back about the problem on faucets that leak or drip, it must be given utmost attention through the proprietor. This have to be carried out not just because the dripping in the h2o is distracting particularly at night when all people desires to sleep but due to the fact a leak or a drip is incredibly disadvantageous. It really is disadvantageous in the feeling that it is going to lead to for your area wet surfaces that would later on flip unpleasant and messy plus the truth that can be considered a waste of drinking water and you’ll be having to pay an excellent quantity on best of one’s h2o bill for your water that you just had been not in a position to utilize. With this end, it need to be made certain by just about every property proprietor to locate a trustworthy sort of faucet for the home. There are lots of faucet manufacturers that could give for the need of a dependable faucet.

Additionally, should you don’t know where to exactly find a trustworthy faucet for the residence or competent clothing factory to provide your demand then within this case, you are able to seek for the help the online world can offer. Perhaps, this could be the easiest along with the most easy method to find dependable faucets for the property. By working with the world wide web, you usually do not require to search from each and every store to another just to seek out 1. Every little thing could be a click on away which is really handy in your aspect. You may also buy it on the internet and have it provided to you in just a make any difference of days in order that you are able to possess the faucet installed. The installation with the faucet can also be an aspect that requirements to be deemed for incompetent installation would result to an incompetent purpose even when the faucet is reliable.

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Plan Your Calls Like You Do Your Weekend

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What are you doing this coming weekend?

You probably have some things planned. When I ask that question in training seminars, most people give very detailed answers: going out to dinner, working in the yard, getting dressed up for a Halloween party or taking the kids out trick-or-treating…personally I’m attending the Tennessee-South Carolina football game with a buddy..

We plan the stuff that’s important.

Contrast that with the answers to these questions:

On the last telephone call you made to a prospect/customer, what was your specific objective for the call?

Did you have the opening planned so you knew precisely what you were going to say?

Did you prepare a voice mail message you were ready to deliver, velvety smooth, without hesitation?

Were your questions in order?

How prepared were you with your responses to their answers to those questions?

What was your contingency plan in case things didn’t go as well as you’d like?

If, without hesitation, you rattled off answers to these questions, I’d wager you do pretty well.

When people have trouble answering these questions, chances are there are “umm’s” and “uh’s” in their calls.

I find it curious and interesting that many people put more planning into their weekend or what they’ll have for lunch, than they do their telephone calls.

Quite simply, your sales success correlates directly to your preparation. It’s also the key to sounding smooth.

Being a superstar in sales, particularly on the phone, is not a matter of “smiling and dialing,” plowing through the names, hoping that you’ll stumble into someone ready to buy.

Don’t believe any trash about this being a pure numbers game. It’s a QUALITY game.

As I always say, the worst possible time to think of what you’re going to say is as it’s already coming out of your mouth.

Go back, review those questions, and be certain you can answer them for your next call, and every one thereafter. Do so, and I’m sure you’ll show pleasing sales results.

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Western Titanium Western material subsidiaries 30,000 million in financing secured

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Western material of the fourth and the fourth meeting of the Board Annual General Meeting in 2009 adopted the “holding company for the guarantee on the motion.” Western Titanium Co., agreed to provide the maximum amount of 30,000 million in financing secured credit,tellurium uses, guaranteed for one year; agreed to Xi’an Tianli Metal Composites Co.,” title=”tellurium dioxide”>tellurium dioxide, Ltd. to provide the highest amount of 16,000 million in financing secured credit, guarantee period for one year.

November 16, 2010, the Company and Xi’an Branch of Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd. signed a “guaranteed contract” (No: 0081404), the contract to the company a wholly owned subsidiary Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. in the western November 16, 2010 Xi’an Branch of Bank of Beijing Co.,tellurium, Ltd. signed the “loan contract” formed 2,000 million in debt guarantees. The contract signed by 2,000 million in the company to ensure that the Annual General Meeting 2009 approved amount of 30,000 million guaranteed range.

November 12, 2010, the Company and Xi’an Branch of Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd. signed a “guaranteed contract” (No: 0081199), the Company owned subsidiary of the contract, Xi’an Tianli Metal Composite Material Co., Ltd. November 12, 2010 Japan and the Xi’an Branch of Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd. signed the “loan contract” formed 2,000 million in debt guarantees. The contract signed by 2,000 million in the company to ensure that the Annual General Meeting 2009 approved amount of 16,000 million guaranteed range.

The date of this announcement, the company accumulated to Western Titanium Co., Ltd. 23,350 million to provide security; the date of this announcement, the company accumulated to Xi’an Tianli Metal Composite Material Co., Ltd. 9,000 million to provide security; the date of this announcement, the company and sub- 36,850 million in total external security companies,” title=”tellurium price”>tellurium price, all subsidiaries of the security company, representing the latest audited net assets of 43.40%. No guarantee of external overdue.

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Why Should You Try Online Point of Sale

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The era of businesses has dramatically advanced. What used to be manually done business reports, entry keeping and inventories are fast being replaced with point of sale software (POS) because of its increased efficiency and additional features, which make a business run smoothly. Nevertheless, with the increasing demand for internet transactions and bookings, online point of sale has become the newest hype in the business world.

For most restaurants and retail businesses, the existence of online point of sale is a blessing. The use of the internet helps them organize and manage orders more efficiently and accurately. When one is using manual inventories, errors may be inevitable. With an online point of sale, committing mistakes in calculations isn’t as much of a problem.

Due to its easy configuration and customizability, the Infinity Cloud web-enabled retail system is the most widely used online retail system in the worldwide web. A program that is specifically designed to suit the needs of retail businesses, it can provide organization and proficient management no matter the size of the business. It offers an efficient point of sale systems either for small-time businesses or concession stores and large companies that deal with a large inflow and outflow of cash on a daily basis.

Using the Infinity Cloud as your online point of sale can give various benefits to your business.

• Flexibility. The Infinity Cloud provides the user an option to create more online point of sale lanes during peak seasons, giving less waiting time for customers and automatically converts orders into sales. Once the rush dissipates, you can temporarily leave the lane in an inactive mode and come back only when you need it. Fast, simple and easy. This online retail program enables your customers to have the ultimate customer experience when doing transactions in the worldwide web by offering mobility in and out of the store.

• Dependability. Compared to most online point of sale programs available in the internet, the Infinity Cloud has the ability to continue processing orders and transactions even during power and internet outages so you don’t have any stuck orders.

• Easy to use. The Infinity Cloud boasts an interactive user control panel that has recognizable functions and uses. Anyone who wants to learn can easily use this web-enabled retail system.
With the Infinity Cloud online point of sale system, you no longer have to manually keep track of transactions and internet deals, the Infinity Cloud will do it for you.

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Air Jordans were ultimately created sneakers fashion

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Since the really very first Jordan Sneakers arrived out, in the time they have been really diverse occasions. It all started in 1984 when Michael Jordan was really attempting to convince his broker that he must sign with Converse while using offer they have been supplying him for basketball footwear. A single from the greatest factors for this is the fact that Michael Jordan wore Converse basketball footwear throughout his days at UNC, as did most basketball stars of that era.If Michael as well as the converse we will not see Nike jordan sneakers with acrobats, we signed these days.

Nonetheless, lastly Nike provided jordan the most effective offer and it had been an provide of 2.5 million for five many years that Michael could not refuse.

Have fantastic expectations for your initial time, Air Jordan footwear, Jordans I was released and with NBA banning this pair of footwear, mainly because their behavior is contrary for the guidelines from the NBA color red, getting red and seeking like "devil colors" since it was place.

This gave the air jordan sneakers to boost its reputation much more publicity. Even though Air Jordans was ultimately created sneakers fashion and well-liked and identified himself on numerous posters wearing the footwear. Quickly, jordan fans everywhere had been lining as much as choose up the initial air jordans.

These authentic sneakers have been really created once again in retro versions in 1994, once again in 2001, 2002, 2003, and in 2004. These Retro Jodans have been generally extremely well-known as a result of collectors obtaining as several as they could.You can find 23 various colours which had been created in the course of these occasions.

At very first, the unique Jordan’s had the wingman logo about the ourside from the shoe for the heel. Two pair of laces arrived with the unique the nike jordan basketball shoe as well.

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The Huge Commercial Values of Diamonds

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The commercial value means a product¡¯s economic value during its production, consumption and transaction and is usually expressed and measured by the unit of currency. The commercial value is a concept different from market value. And compared with a product¡¯s original value, the concept of commercial value is narrower in extent.

Diamonds twine feminine dreams like cirri and stand for the commitments and protections needed by all the women. A perfect proposal is supposed to be filled with romance whose creation is closely related to a bunch of red roses and a diamond ring. Besides, diamonds are the evidences which make the hearts of women throb as well as the witnesses of their happy marriages. By their rareness and rarity, diamonds turn to be the greatest love of women and the absolutely indispensable portions. So I may say that diamonds have a great commercial value in our daily life.

As a kind of costly accouterments in the upper-class society, diamonds are enjoying the continuing love affair with many males and females from different classes. Diamonds have been regarded as the symbols of dignity, power, status and royalty for time immemorial. People of quality in ancient times were fond of wearing diamond jewelry to show their noble statuses. Now in our modern society, though the class consciousness has vanished, the men of great possessions are still the confirmed admires of diamonds. Thus it can be seen that the diamonds¡¯ commercial value in the society is above suspicion.

Lastly, in the interpersonal exchanges, diamonds still play the role of bridge, engrafting both parts¡¯ trusts and supports. For instance, when dealing with someone, you will be considered generous if a five-carat diamond is sent to the other party as a present. Accordingly, transaction will be destined to be completed successfully. While by contraries, the result may be not very satisfactory if you present a suit of comparatively expensive clothes to your transaction object. And this is one of reasons why diamonds have won its popularity in the society. And this is diamonds¡¯ commercial values in human communication. Since the expert competence of communication is the basic quality of the successful people, diamonds¡¯ commercial value has to be given heed.

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