What 4th Graders Can Teach You About Sales

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Manatee County in South West Florida has an annual program called Project Teach.

The program objectives include: to illustrate the importance of first impressions, to explore the relationship between education and jobs, to provide a dialogue between students and adults in different careers.

They invite 140 volunteers to spend an hour with all the 4th graders in the county. As the class begins, each student is given a 3 X 5 card. They are asked to write the answers to the following questions.

How old do you think I am?

How many children do I have?

What kind of car do I drive?

What kind of pets do I have?

What kind of fast food do I like?

What kind of education do I have?

What kind of work do I do?

Here’s what I learned from the 4th graders.

First impressions are very influential. My appearance and actions influenced how old they thought I was. First impressions are extremely important if you’re a sales person.

In fact their first impressions of me, gave a class of 30 enough information to answer all 7 questions. Though not all students guessed correctly.

Here were some of their observations. No gray hair. Skinny. Spoke clearly. Dressed nice. Looked professional. Liked kids. No wrinkles. Tall. Hair brushed back. Good posture.

While some of their comments were flattering, especially when they were guessing my age, I was just plain surprised by their observations because they were only 4th graders.

Imagine then what a sales prospect or customer is thinking and observing about you during a sales call. Yikes!

One student said he thought I drove a Prius because his father did. Another student thought Burger King was my favorite fast food, because it was her favorite.

Half the class thought I was a teacher because I was talking to them in their classroom.

Several students did guess what kind of dog I have, what kind of car I drive, my favorite fast food, the kind of education I have, and to my complete surprise one student even guessed that I was a professional speaker.

All of this from a first impression. It reminded me once again that we are all walking billboards. We have to pay more attention to what we want our billboards to say about us.

Questions to ponder.

=> What kind of first impression do you create?

=> How can you change / improve your first impression?

=> What do you want your personal billboard to say about you?

I ended the program by giving them these 10 2-letter words.

“If it is to be, it is up to me!”

I also reminded the students that nothing in life is IMPOSSIBLE!

It’s amazing what you can learn even from 4th graders – when you take the blinders off.

Sales tip – remember, in sales little things mean everything!

Speaking of “Little Things” I recorded a CD not too long ago “75 Little Things You Can Do To Grow Your Business.”

If you need some ideas for your personal billboard, you’ll probably find a few here. http://tinyurl.com/75-little-things

Here’s one more sales tip for you to consider. Now more than ever you must focus on continuous improvement. You can avoid complacency by keeping your learning bucket filled with new ideas.

About the Author

Jim is a former U.S. army officer serving in Germany and was a Public Information Officer on a General’s Staff while serving in Vietnam. He was also Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Scientific Products Division of Baxter International.

Jim Meisenheimer publishes the Sales Trailblazer Newsletter.
The focus is on common sense sales tips and selling strategies.

You can get more information about becoming a Sales Trailblazer
at http://www.salestrailblazer.com

Do Zombies Really Wear Lanyards? A Review of the Evidence

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When discussing lanyards, the question of who wears them comes up. The most common answer is people who work in offices, factories and retail stores. Students also commonly wear lanyards. Not every student likes wearing them, however. One group of high school students proclaims online that “Zombies wear lanyards.”

But do they? In the apocalyptic world of zombies, are lanyards a required fashion accessory? While lanyards are often a must for the corporate world, do they really fit the lifestyle of the undead?

In an era in which vampires, zombies, witches and wizards play a major role in mainstream entertainment, there’s nothing wrong with considering whether the well-dressed creature from the other side would wear a lanyard. Given the innate versatility of the lanyard, it’s not terribly surprising that those who inhabit the dark side would see their utility as well as the rest of us.

Vampires are easy. There’s no historical record of vampires wearing lanyards. And given the fact that lanyards with the proper attachments could easily hold garlic or even a silver bullet, needless to say vampires are not big lanyard fans.

Same thing with mummies. Lanyards would tend to get caught in the wrapping. Even Martha Stewart would agree that’s not a good thing.

As for zombies, the record is mixed regarding lanyards. There’s no evidence that the zombies in the classic horror movie “Night of The Living Dead” ever wore lanyards. But in the never-ending battle of Humans vs. Zombies, it’s a different story.

Humans vs. Zombies (or HvZ) is a game created on the Baltimore campus of Goucher College about five years ago. The game divides teams into humans and zombies (duh!) who essentially play a game of tag.

Over the years the game has evolved on other campuses and even includes an office version. On the game web site www.humansvszombies.org, the rules for the office version specifically state that a lanyard is required gear for all players.

So for at least some zombies, lanyards are required attire. For others, maybe not, so in the words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus, let’s be careful out there.

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Consertos de Esquadrias

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Company specialized in frames of iron, aluminum and glass working in shops, condominiums, private, etc..
Responsible for Work Team: José Rezende, trained by SENAI locksmith with 40 years experience in the field with team of experienced professionals.
OBJECTIVE: To assist customers looking for specialized hand and work to implement projects.
CURRICULUM: Wallet with over 10,000 clients served.
CULTURE: Commitment, Responsibility and Timeliness.
GOODS: Frames tailor-made iron, aluminum and tempered glass: Doors, Windows, Tipper, dividers, closure of areas, Grids, etc..
Finishing (iron): anti-corrosive paint, synthetic enamel, lacquer, automotive paint, Electrostatic Painting, Chroming, Electroplating, etc.
Finishing (Aluminum): Anodized, Bright, Matte, Bronze, Gold, Black and Electrostatic Painting in various colors. Finishing (glass): Natural Temperate Acoustic Laminate in tones, colorless, tinted, bronze, green, etc. ..

Company specialized in frames of iron, aluminum and glass working in shops, condominiums, private, etc..
Responsible for Work Team: José Rezende, trained by SENAI locksmith with 40 years experience in the field with team of experienced professionals.
OBJECTIVE: To assist customers looking for specialized hand and work to implement projects.
CURRICULUM: Wallet with over 10,000 clients served.
CULTURE: Commitment, Responsibility and Timeliness.
GOODS: Frames tailor-made iron, aluminum and tempered glass: Doors, Windows, Tipper, dividers, closure of areas, Grids, etc..
Finishing (iron): anti-corrosive paint, synthetic enamel, lacquer, automotive paint, Electrostatic Painting, Chroming, Electroplating, etc.
Finishing (Aluminum): Anodized, Bright, Matte, Bronze, Gold, Black and Electrostatic Painting in various colors. Finishing (glass): Natural Temperate Acoustic Laminate in tones, colorless, tinted, bronze, green, etc. ..
Empresa especializada em esquadrias de ferro, alumínio e vidro temperado operando em Lojas, Condomínios, Particulares, etc.
Responsável pela Equipe de Trabalho: José Rezende, Serralheiro formado pelo SENAI com 40 anos de experiência no ramo, com equipe de profissionais especializados.
OBJETIVO: Atender os clientes que procuram mão e obra especializada para a execução de projetos.
CURRÍCULO: Carteira com mais de 10.000 clientes atendidos.
CULTURA: Compromisso, Responsabilidade e Pontualidade.
PRODUTOS: Esquadrias confeccionadas sob medida em ferro, alumínio e vidro temperado como: Portas, Janelas, Basculantes, Divisórias, Fechamento de Áreas, Grades, etc.
Acabamento (ferro): Pintura anti-corrosiva, Esmalte Sintético, Verniz, Tinta Automotiva, Pintura Eletrostática, Cromagem, Galvanização, etc.
Acabamento (alumínio): Anodizado, Brilho, Fosco, Bronze, Dourado, Preto e Pintura Eletrostática em diversas cores. Acabamento (vidro): Natural, Temperado, Acústico, Laminado nos tons, incolor, fumê, bronze, verde, etc..

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The Sales Pendulum

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Today I want to show you a tool I use for myself and my salesmen, both when things are going well and when they are not.

The Sales Pendulum.

It helps you understand that there are two sides to everything. Sometimes you are on top of the world and all is going great, and than all of a sudden it turns and you cannot get anything right.

This isn’t your fault. It is the natural order of things.

The difference between good and bad salesmen is how long time they spend at the different poles.
A good salesman can spend a whole month on the positive side and only half an hour on the bad.
A poor salesman on the other hand, might spend days on the poor side and just minutes on the positive side.

But as with any good tool, their are ways to use this to your advantage.

One thing to always remember is that when things are going bad, we often try to change a bunch of things in order to turn things around. Usually this just gets us doing even worse. It always takes a while to learn new techniques and when we are down on confidence, it isn’t the time to test new things. As we see by the pendulum it is better to just work hard use your trial proven methods until the tide turns.

In the pendulum, time is a relative thing.
What is more important is you! And how hard you work.

If you look at the pendulum again.
The positive side of the pendulum is when you are focused and have found “the flow”. The longer you stay there and can keep that focus, the longer you are on the positive side.

The negative side of the pendulum is where your confidence is down and you don’t trust yourself or your techniques. The faster you can get your arguments working and get into some good discussions with customers, the faster you will get out of it.

The Pendulum isn’t effected by time.
When you are on the tough side of the pendulum it is the number of sales calls you make that is time. The more calls you make the faster you will find some positive customers, get your confidence back and start making sales.

On the positive side, it is all about your attitude. Basically it is your activity level inverted. The harder you work, the slower time goes.

This method has really helped me out of slumps and helped me keep my focus when I was doing (to!) well.

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Daniel M Wood invites you to his blog http://lookingtobusiness.com, share your thoughts and experiences on sales. You will also find more advice and tips that you can use to improve your sales and double your income. Feel free to visit Looking To Business Today.

Juicy Handbags-Would You Buy a Atramentous Bazaar Bag?

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Several years ago, for example, a acquaintance brought me a awful admired and absurd to acquisition knockoff Takashi Murakami Hermes bag from New York. The bag was so expertly apish that it even included a consecutive amount and affidavit of authenticity. I was a new mom at the time and didn’t apprehend what I had, but if I agitated it to LA to appointment my in-laws, I was chock-full on the artery abundant times by humans ambitious to apperceive how I’d gotten my bag. They’d been told they’d accept to abide on Louis Vuitton’s cat-and-mouse account for that bag for at atomic six months.

My acquaintance went arcade in New York afresh armed alone with an address.

When she agape at the door, she was taken by a drifter up some stairs into a small, bedraggled office. There, accoutrements were brought out from a aback allowance for her inspection. She looked over Louis Vuitton Handbags, Gucci Handbags and Hermes Handbags afore assuredly clearing on an alluringly fabricated Hermes Handbags.

The price? Fifty dollars.

Yes, it was a knockoff, but one so expertly fabricated that there was no appropriate it from the absolute thing. And while my friend’s acquaintance sounds added than a bit sketchy, she’s just one of abounding women I apperceive who’ve gone to extremes to access New York’s atramentous bazaar bag industry.

And I accept to admit, I was tempted to try my luck as well.

“I heard that if you’re able-bodied dressed on Canal Artery and accustomed a nice bag, they’ll acquisition you,” one of my accompany told me endure anniversary while I was in New York. “They’ll access you on the artery and yield you to their aback room. My accompany say it’s a little weird, but to not be afraid if they yield you central a building, because it’s absolutely safe.”

I apparently would accept approved my luck while I was there if I could accept begin the time, added for the acquaintance of accomplishing it than annihilation else. I mean, the accomplished affair sounds like something beeline out of a spy novel.

Yet if my Chanel-toting acquaintance anecdotal her adventure to a accumulation of women a few weeks ago, the opinions were mixed.

“Designer accoutrements are like diamonds,” one woman said. “Sure you can get a fake, but it’s alone appropriate if it’s the absolute thing.”

“Besides, if you buy those bags, you’re allotment sweatshops and adolescent activity and abhorrent alive altitude in general,” said another.

You could aswell be advantageous absolute burglary. My acquaintance acclaimed with agitation that if she was perusing the backroom bags, while some Hermes Handbags were beneath a hundred dollars, others were priced in the low thousands. Obviously, those accoutrements were absolute — and stolen.

Despite these accepted concerns, it’s harder for abounding of us to say no to the knockoff. I’m appealing abiding that the allurement I feel to buy one is aggregate by abounding of you, because while I can allow the fake, I’d never be able to absolve spending accoutrements on the absolute thing. Either I go the knockoff avenue or reside with the ability that I’ll never apperceive what it feels like to bung a Prada bag over my accept — and admittedly, already you accept a abundant knockoff, it’s harder to go aback to lower-priced “real” bags.

Oh la la.

Admittedly, my closet is abounding of knockoffs, about all of which were able to me — but I can’t advice but feel a gnawing faculty of answerability over their origins.

What about you? Do you accept a knockoff bag? Why or why not?

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Reading the Label and Growing Your Sales

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A sales coaching client of mine who wanted to increase sales realized after several sessions that she was “in the bottle and could not read the label.” This is probably far more insightful analogy than being in the box. She then added, “This is why I hired you to help be read the label from the outside.”

How many times do small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals and even C-Level executives attempt to see the outside world from a backwards perspective? They are so close to the issues so that all they can see are the trees and not the forest. This is what I call “sea level” perspective.

To move from inside the bottle to outside requires courage and a personal commitment to hang in there when all of this change becomes quite uncomfortable. For being uncomfortable and being able to live in that state until the desired results. Many times to go from being at “sea-level” to that different perspective of seeing the bigger picture or “see level” demands that you enter in a state of being uncomfortable.

Of course being uncomfortable is not a pleasant place to be. It is much easier to stay inside the bottle and continue to read the label from the inside out.

Alan Deutschman confirmed how difficult change is in his book Change or Die. What he learned through his research was that only 1 out of 10 people will change. For those other 9 individuals, they will continue to ignore facts, fear or force and stay where they currently are.

With the contracting economy in late 2008 and 2009, staying put and complaining was far easier for many sales professionals than taking the risk to move forward to increase revenue. Down times have been identified as some of the best time to increase sales as well as to innovate with new products or services. If you wish to reverse your current business results, then look to leaving the bottle and start reading the label from the outside. Of course this might mean you may need some outside sales coaching help.

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In 2009 I won 1st Place Marketing Managment Deca Area 1 Washington State

Benefits of Pocket Door Hardware And Sliding Door Hardware

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When it comes to architectural design, sliding doors and pocket doors make the most of your floor space design by allowing access to areas of a room that would normally be reserved for a traditional swinging door. That can mean several feet of extra space to help you maximize your vision for the room or space.

Not just a simple way to divide spaces, pocket doors and sliding doors can add security and privacy to any room, and can even be used to segregate a room. Sliding and pocket door hardware can be as simple as a sleek, embedded pull or as secure as any traditional door with the use of privacy locks with keyed entry. Versatile and discreet, pocket and sliding door hardware are attracting architects and designers looking for practical and unique ways to maximize small spaces and complete the sleek, modern designs popular with homeowners.

The wide-range of pocket door hardware available online is what sets today’s sliding doors apart from what used to be available. Previously, the style and selection for these door designs were limited and pocket and sliding doors fell out of favor with designers and architects because it was difficult to incorporate such features while maintaining the integrity and continuity of their designs. Today, those same designers and architects are delighted to discover the rebirth of architectural door hardware for pocket and sliding doors with the addition of a fresh, new take on traditional designs.

Today’s designers can use pocket and sliding doors to not only add privacy, but to accent and enhance their designs with wide ranges of choices in architectural hardware, door hardware, sliding door locks and handle designs. From recessed door pulls, to clever end pull designs that retract when not in use, pocket and sliding door hardware is now as beautiful as it is functional.

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Halliday & Baillie offer sliding door hardware and pocket door hardware of exceptional quality. Visit our online store and door hardware product catalogue to discover our fresh and elegant collection of quality architectural hardware favored by architects and designers around the world.

Primary and Secondary Packaging Materials for Pharmaceuticals

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Global markets are flooding with the new products every day. New Researches, new products developments and branding has made consumer products industry very aggressive to provide best products with best packing materials to store and maintain quality content for long. This speedy technological progress in consumer products building industries have drag up the demand of quality packaging materials for supply. These Industry is segmented in two parts. One is consumer packaging material and another is industrial packaging material. Now this is the era for customized packaging for the products to retain the quality of the product. New innovations generated in the field of primary and secondary packaging materials for Pharmaceuticals, for Beverages and for Food Processing Industries have given new mileage for the new product consumption and branding. Thus it opens up new categories to develop and research for various packaging material and packaging process to change the product look to make it more attractive as well to keep product dust free and germ free extending the product expiry.

Aluminum is widely accepted packaging material due to its versatility, low cost compare to other available packaging raw material, giving lot more flexibility and easiness in product packaging used in cosmetic industry, chemical production and distribution segments like pharmaceutical packaging, beverages packing and food processing industry used like pilfer proof caps, vials seals, flip top seals, wine caps. It also includes top embossed caps, glow seals, slit caps, side embossed long caps etc gives attractive look to the product container with light weight and eco friendliness. Tin closure lug caps, screw caps for wines and miniature tinlets are manufactured from best quality raw material as per international standards. Internal and external coating prevents any kind of rusting due to the acidic nature and products packed. High quality lining compound used ensures, vacuum sealing of the products, till it reaches to the end users. Tin packaging also used for product branding and attractive presentation of the products for marketing point of view. Customization of tin packaging in required size and shape makes the product more touchy and stylish.

Polymer material needs to test well before taking in packaging, as it is a chemical directly connected with product can make some chemical reaction with the product to make the product harmful to human on its consumption. Thus requires the raw materials from reputed and trusted manufacturers to test well in laboratory with sealing test, torque test, bridge test, leaking test and vacuum test as per international standard before making the final products. This polymer material is used in various products like Eye droppers, Ear droppers, dosage measures etc.

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Lingerie: The Smartest Gift for Two

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So you’re in the market to buy your significant someone a gift, but your debit card is a wee bit strained in these hard economic times. Macaroni art may have worked for Mom when you were five, but your sweetheart definitely deserves something decadent, intimate, memorable — also something that won’t leave your house in foreclosure. Hmm. How about a gift that will turn up the heat on intimacy, turn down the not-so-pleasant noise of life and delight you both in the process?

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that as a couples’ gift, lingerie just rocks! Think about it. You give your partner your friendship, your thoughts, your body, the very minutes of your life. These are amazing gifts! But have you ever thought to put a bow on them? Have you ever considered wrapping them up in the prettiest paper you could find and really letting your other half know how significant their daily gifts are to you? Have you ever wanted to show your lover just how beautiful and exciting they are through your eyes?

Although it is certainly possible to break the bank with designer lingerie, decorating yourself or your darlin’ need not cost you so dearly. However, before you can go shopping you’ll have to get over a few hang-ups.

The Body Beautiful

The single biggest obstacle to the success of a lingerie gift is inhibition. And by that I mean FEAR.

For some it’s body consciousness. (I don’t think I need to point and laugh at genders here.) If this is your major issue with lingerie, friend, get over yourself! No one is perfect, and I mean no one! It’s a fairly good guess that your partner is with you because they (gasp) actually dig you. This doesn’t mean that they’re into some abstract, ethereal you that you call a “personality”. This means the whole you, body included. Maybe this means your body especially and you are too wrapped up in self loathing to even notice. You know those cosmetic mirrors that magnify on one side and are a regular standard mirror on the other? If you suffer from fearful body consciousness, it’s like only ever using the magnifying mirror. Your partner doesn’t see you that way. You need to trust them. If your sweetie doesn’t dream about your bodacious bod, then as a couple, you might just have bigger problems to tackle than solving for the perfect gift.

Don’t forget, too, that the universe of lingerie is wonderfully varied! Shop around, mull it over and keep looking until you find something that you can really see yourself in. And don’t stop there! Think about how you will introduce your dangerous dainties to your partner. Where will you be? How will you act? What will you do or say? How will you create the perfect scene for intimate fun? Yes, “fun”. This isn’t about how you hate your belly. This is about creating memories, intimacy, and showing your love and appreciation. In short, it’s about having a blast! So, think about ways to tantalize your lover with your body and clothes, or lack thereof. Think about it long and hard and by all means don’t overlook the inhibition melting power of candlelight, incense or perfume, and a good glass of wine. That having been said let’s move on to the next fearful obstacle…

Express Your Desire

For the love of all that’s beautiful on this watery rock we call home, if you don’t talk to your significant other about what’s significant to you then chances are great that over time the significance of your relationship will dwindle away to something well…not so significant.

You don’t keep your favorite foods or pet peeves from your partner, so why would you keep your sexual fantasies bottled up? Take the chance and clothe the one you love in something that will make you melt. Show them what you find irresistible. Give them the chance to star in your fantasies. There’s no need to make excuses for yourself or beg politely. Begging is not sexy. Insecurity is not sexy.

Consider your gift carefully. Get your sizes right. There’s no need for surprises here. Let your partner shop with you. Retail foreplay can be amazing fun! Tandem online browsing for lingerie and other intimates is an inexpensive date, but one of the very best for a fascinating evening at home!

Show your special someone that they are admired and respected but that you deserve to be pleasured and treated royally. To the rest of the world you are a number, a body, just another snowflake in the blizzard. To the one you choose to partner with you should be the most important person in the world. Communicate your needs and desires clearly, insistently and joyfully!

Luxury for Less

A luxurious and sensual evening for two can cost anywhere from absolutely nothing to everything you have and then some. If you have the digits to blow then live it up and enjoy! If you don’t, don’t despair! No lack of money is going to stand in the way of you enjoying your life! If your bank account has any bearing on your bedroom, please let it be the quality of your blinds and not what happens behind them! One investment that you have complete control over is your relationship. Feed it steadily and the returns will be astronomical!

Any variety of inexpensive lingerie fantasies can be had for under $30. Add a reasonably priced bottle of wine or champagne for another $12. Too much food is typically a sex-spoiler, but a light and elegant home cooked meal is easily had for less than $20. Eat with your hands, feed each other! Turn on some soothing music. Indulge all of your senses! Savor the food, regarding it as an appetizer to the main course. Throw in a few candles and you still haven’t broken $100.

For the creative, there are dozens of ways to trim back even further. For example, use scarves, hose and jewelry you already own to invent your own costume. Save on the alcohol by buying in bulk and planning for future couples’ nights. Many boxed wines are adequately tasty and can be had at five liters for under $20.

In summary, creativity and communication in conjunction with next to no dough can set the stage for a birthday, anniversary or any day at all. There the two of you can play out the memories that money alone can’t buy – Now get out there and break a leg!

About the Author

In addition to her freelance projects, Wynter Stark is a copyright writer for Touch of That Lingerie. A student of both fashion and life, her approach to both is all about the journey.

How to find an ideal spy clock?

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As a professional supplier of SPY clock on the internet. We have received many questions from the customers about how to find an ideal spy clock with a hidden spy camera, like a mini spy camera from the previous choices on the market. Most of the customers will claim that it is very difficult for them to find an ideal spy clock. Because, there are many factors existed you need take into your considerations. But, what are the factores relevant to mini spy camera? Some of the customers will don’t know. No matrer what you buy, but keep this in you mind that the right combination of spy clock features with the latest technology of hidden spy camera is always your best bet to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

You will ask what are the factors that I should to consider when I decide to buy a spy clock?

Don’t worry, the followings are the factors:

1) Have you ever decided how many pieces of mini spy camera do you want to put at your home? According to a survey conducted by an institute about the places that the parents want to put the hidden spy camera most. The answers are such places like the child’s bedroom, play room, living room and kitchen.

2) In the previous market, most of the mini spy cameras are wireless, that means you can put it anywhere you want. Very convenient for you to use. As to walls and floors, etc blocks, the mini spy camera can transmit signals easily. But if you want to put the spy clock in one fixed place, you can choose a wired model like an alarm clock camera.

3) When deciding to buy a spy clock with a hidden camera on a online store, it’s better for you the read the product reviews and contact the sales, make sure all the details about the mini spy camera that you want to know are clear. Don’t be cheated by the prices, different quality requires different price. Consumer Reports are great resources, they provide unbiased and truthful reviews to help people make a better choice. This will give you confidence that the information you are reading is accurate. Personally, I don’t really rely on magazine reviews about the Hidden Spy Camera.

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