Probing: Leading and Controlling with Questions

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Probing: Leading and Controlling with Questions

What: is a probe
Why: do we use probes
Questions are one of the most powerful weapons in a salesperson’s arsenal of procedures and techniques. Questions require a prospect to participate actively in the sale. Questions help us learn the prospects hidden wants and needs. Questions give us time to gain lost composure.
We must become excellent question askers and effective listeners.
When sales people, particularly junior sales people are faced with client’s problems they are so intent of doing a great job and solving problems that they do themselves and their clients a disservice by jumping in with an answer or solution.
What is sales? Leading someone in a direction that you know is good for them.
When you are talking, you’re only learning what you Already know.
We push with Statements and we pull with Questions.
The reason we ask questions is to learn how to Lead, instead of being too strong with our opinions.
Questioning allows us to isolate areas of interest.
Questions can be used to stimulate negative/positive buying emotions.
They’re also used to isolate an answer and overcome objections.
You must ask questions that a prospect can answer because if you say it, they doubt it. If they say it, it’s true. Selling is not telling. Selling is asking questions to uncover the obstacles that are standing between you and the sale.
Always begin with open probes. Open probes allow the buyer to speak their mind.
Continue with open probes until you a) close for a commitment
b) change topic of discussion.
Sample Questions:
* Does your company look today like you thought it would when you established it? How’s that?
* Why did you get into business for yourself?
* Why did you choose this industry?
* What do you like most about your role?
* What industry changes have you seen over the years?
* What are your future plans for the business?
* How has technology affected your business?
Use close probes to:
Isolate needs with un-responsive prospects
Direct the conversation to new issues
Confirm a suspected need
* Do you see how this could benefit you?
* Fair enough?
* Does that compare to what you are paying now?
* Does that make sense?
* Do you see how this could help you save money?
* Will this change give you a competitive edge?
* Are you ready to move forward?
A successful close has to be based on information willingly provided by the prospect regarding his/her needs and attitudes about your products benefits and any objections they may have. Thus the directing and controlling of the sales conversation is the most important skill in successful selling.
Practice Drill Rehearse:
1. Have a conversation using only open probes
2. Have a conversation using only closed probes
Notice how the conversation flows when you are only using closed probes.
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Kiven Wenman is a VP of Sales in the recruitment industry & Sales Coach specializing in helping his clients reach their full potential. Kiven takes an introspective approach, helping his clients step outside of themselves in order to have a clear look back inside to see themselves as others perceive them.
Kiven can be reached at

DVDFab Offers Single Product Quantity Discount with Up to 38% Rate

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DVDFab now offers Single Product Quantity Discount for its individual products besides the official 20% discount. For those who are not going to buy Money Saving Bundles but go for individual software based on their specific needs, this is definitely some exciting news.

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Here is the detailed discount method: 2 software at 15% discount; 3 at 20%; 4 at 25%; 5 at 30%; 6 at 32%; 7 at 34%; 8 at 36%; 9 at 38%.

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About Fengtao Software:
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First Thoughts – Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

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These shoes are aimed at accomplishing a barefoot feel “when you participate in activities such as jogging, hiking, yoga, baptize sports, hiking, etc. According to the website Vibram, Barefoot stimulates anatomy of the legs and thighs, They not abandoned accomplish us stronger and healthier, and improves balance, adaptability and proprioception. Of course, abounding humans do these things in actuality are barefoot, perhaps, some austere injuries, Vibram 5 Fingers Kso activity a simple and reliable advantage for the legs, which consistently feels like you’re barefoot .

Ff1Yesterday I managed a brace that I’m aggravating to acquisition a flagship abundance in city Seattle REI. I affective a brace of socks INJINJI (as alone fingers on it), and a brace of alternation Five Fingers KSO in black, gray camouflage. I afresh a few minutes, it was actual strange, I able my fingers at anniversary outlet, abnormally socks and shoes. Aberrant as it was, but, in their opinion, actual well. Thus, the acceptance was made, and now I’m the advantageous champ of a lot of plan on the new shoes / work.

CSR ff3The in the appellation is alleged “Keep Stuff Out.” Shoes acquire attenuate soles and nylon cobweb high Vibram 5 Fingers KSO Black, which covers the leg. Velcro shoes in actuality stood close on his feet, and I see it in a bearings breadth you acclimated to accumulate the legs covered and shoes in boondocks – maybe in the water, or if the actual path, so you acquire a lot of altered series, which for acceptable for assorted types of activities, appointment the website for added options.

I ran 20 account on the treadmill in my auberge this morning. One of the capital differences from these shoes is that you can not airing as a lot of humans usually do not – in actuality “break” in the aboriginal place. Your biomechanics change acquire to be such that the brawl of the basal hits the pavement first. Twenty account earlier, if you are on your finger. My anxiety acquire never abused so … But, of course, acquainted actual adequate and I acquainted like I was a actual nice drive afterwards 20 account acquire increased. I in actuality added on the road.

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Getting the Help You Need for a 1031 Exchange

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There are quite a few benefits that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to a 1031 exchange for your next property investment venture. It is best to begin by explaining the basics of a 1031 tax exchange, which is also referred to as a tax deferred exchange.

Simply put, you can defer the capital gains taxes earned from the sale of an investment property, provided you invest 100% of equity into a similar property of equal or greater value.

So, what are the benefits to you? First of all, you are able to defer the taxation on your capital gains until a later date. You are probably in a position, at the moment, where you are earning more than you will be when you retire. This means that you are in a higher tax bracket than you anticipate being upon retirement (unless of course you invest very well). In other words, if you can put off the tax payment on the gains from the sale of the property, you stand to pay a lower percentage.

The IRS is very specific in the requirements for a 1031 tax exchange. This means that it is a good idea to have your ducks in a row before you decide to go this route. The best course of action is to consult a tax professional who is skilled in handling tax deferred exchanges, as well as a realtor who is aware of your goal in “trading up” to a more suitable property.

Once you find a solid commercial realtor who is aware of your goals, you will find the services are invaluable as your investment portfolio grows and your goals and needs change. Selecting the right professionals to partner with is the first step you should take in order to take advantage of this particular tax benefit for property investors.

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Let’s Go to Buy Moncler

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Telemarketing: The Two Sides of a Coin

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Marketing has always been a challenging task. For many businesses like yours, it takes a lot of effort and time to build up a loyal customer base and maintain the position. But before you can do that, you’ll have to reach out to your customers first. This is where telemarketing takes place.

Using telemarketing services is a popular sales strategy. Here, a business directly calls current and prospective customers to promote their latest products or services. The people involved in this endeavor, called telemarketers, try to reach out and connect with customers in order to connect and convince them on the importance of what they had to offer. After all, the only reason people would buy something is because they need it or they think that they need it. That would require professional telemarketers that can coax their prospects in a very convincing manner.

Telemarketing solves a lot of problems in several tiers. One is logistics. Door-to-door campaigns are very effective marketing tools, but if the prospective customers are at least a mile away, then you might as well forget it. Making phone calls does away with that because it can contact these people directly, right in the convenience of one’s own office. Another is cost efficiency. You’d probably need more than a hundred people to reach out to thousands of prospects, but using the phone could cut that requirement easily in half, or even more. Plus, there’s that sense of personal touch that many people appreciate when you give them a call.

Of course, there is a downside to telemarketing.

People these days think of telemarketing in a negative light. One of the most common notions is that it’s an irritation. It can’t be helped. Back in 2009, a telemarketing company came under fire when the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of the United States government filed a complaint against them. It was discovered that the company employed unethical telemarketing tactics that include calling customers several times in one day via their landlines, cell phones, and even their offices. There are also cases where customers in the Do Not Call list of the FTC receive calls from these marketers. Not only that, but even government offices, business firms, and even 911 dispatchers get these calls several times a day.

Another thing that keeps the bad connotation is the behavior of telemarketers themselves. Although many businesses enforce a very professional and courteous telemarketing workforce, there are still bad eggs that get through. These people use all kinds of tactics to convince their customers to sign up or buy whatever products or services they offer. Not only is this a very bad business practice, it also gives the company they represent a very bad image.

Fortunately, steps have been taken by the government and business to eradicate these problems. First is the enforcement of the Do Not Call list of the FTC. In this way, people can avoid abusive telemarketers. They can also receive some legal protection from the federal government. Another step has been undertaken by the businesses themselves. It won’t do them any good if their own people give them a bad name. They’ll have to clean themselves up. Seminars, training, and consistent and timely monitoring by their quality control personnel can contribute a lot to what telemarketers can do. Not only will this prevent any abuse or misbehavior, quality can be maintained and customer satisfaction in the positive.

Telemarketing is here to stay. Despite the negatives, the good that comes out of it makes it the best choice for any marketing campaign.

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Belinda Summers works as a professional consultant. She helps businesses increase their revenue by lead generation and appointment setting services through Telemarketing. To know more about this visit:

How To Market Your Business-Advertise Online and Profit Faster!

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Ok. So you’ve decided to start your own business. Congratulations! But how do you go about advertising your new business? You’ve got to generate some leads and some sales, right?
In the past you could choose to cold call or you could go door to door trying to sell your product or service. Of course, in neither of these methods did you pre-qualify a lead and you most certainly had to handle a truckload of rejection. Maybe you could hire advertising experts to create a flashy but expensive advertising campaign. This could prove to be extremely costly yet offer no guarantee of results.
Fortunately, you no longer have to do this. With the evolution of the internet economies of scale have been created with respect to advertising costs which enable the little guy to compete with the corporate giants. No longer do you have to cold call or pound the pavement or borrow big bucks from Aunt Martha to fund your advertising budget. With internet advertising not only do you make money faster but you cut your expenses tremendously. Hey, it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep that counts.
It is imperative to create your own website. Nowadays it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to do so. You can create a high quality site with little expense. Even better is the savvy business owner who joins a business which already has its own website. However, this deserves a cautionary not. I would recommend setting up your own personal lead capture page even if you join a business which has its own website. In this way you can capture and store the information about your potential customers versus giving that information away to the company.
There is a vast array of advertising methods available online. Good news: a lot of these are absolutely free. Yeah, you heard me right. I would recommend utilizing some sites which allow you to post free ads with, of course, a link back to your website or lead capture page. Another tried and true method is posting banner ads. These are larger and in general I don’t use them that often. Nevertheless, there are successful marketers who utilize banner ads.
It is always a good idea to give away free content to entice visitors to your site. The content must be interesting and useful to the reader. There are several ways to do this. Giving away free e-books that are short, simple and easy to understand yet provide valuable content is a great way to attract more customers to your site. Who doesn’t like getting something useful and interesting for free? Another method which may work equally well is writing periodic free e-newsletters. Submitting free newsletters, again with a link to your website or lead capture page, should bring more traffic to your site. And more traffic means more sales.
Most business owners are so focused on marketing their own product or service they often miss one of the best and most profitable strategies on the internet today. I’m talking about affiliate marketing. Simply put, you can sign up as an affiliate on other people’s sites and agree to refer their product or service to your customer list. You will receive affiliate commissions when your customers buy from the other vendors. There are some visitors to your site who may never buy from you. Why not make money from them anyway. And you can cross-sell affiliate products to those folks who are your good customers and make even more money from them.

No longer do you have to sell your house or your car just to fund the advertising budget for your new business. No longer do you have to spend hours on sales calls to people who are not even pre-qualified. The internet, with its global reach, can do your marketing for you. Even if you join a business with its own website, I would recommend creating your own lead capture page unless your business provides you with your own contact and autoresponder service. And whether you post banner ads or write free ads online you are not spending money to advertise. Don’t be shy about giving away quality content for free either. We’ve already discussed writing e-books or periodic e-newsletters. Remember these drive people to your site. And don’t forget about the hidden secret: affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing can bring in cash flow during the start-up phase of your business as well as ramp up profits in the mature phase. So what are you waiting for? Kick start your profits with the right internet marketing and you will have a winner!

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Billy Anderson III, JD, MBA, has started and run a number of successful businesses. As an entrepreneur he is among the top income earners on the internet and enjoys helping others. For more information please visit

11 Keys to Earning Above Average Income as a Coach

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Successful coaches have many things in common. If you are serious about becoming one of them, you need to ensure that you have the following 11 keys incorporated into your business and your marketing.

1. A System

Successful coaches install and implement a system that has a proven track record of success. They are not using their clients as guinea pigs. If you can find a system that is a good fit for you, you can generate more clients, more revenue quickly and effectively than if you spend the time to create and test your own.

2. Coaching Skills

Coaching is a specific skill that takes time to hone. Perhaps you were once a member of the team but now you are going to be the coach of the players. Great coaches know the difference between guiding and doing.

3. Focus

Successful coaches know what they do best and they focus their entire practice on delivering their core offerings. While it’s ok to offer additional services, distraction from you core revenue generating model never works for long.

4. A Network

Successful coaches love to network and develop relationships. They are outgoing people who make a difference by learning about people and finding ways to be of value.

5. Speaking Skills

The single most effective lead and revenue generating tool for successful coaches is public speaking. Find ways to hone this skill and promote yourself.

6. Ongoing Learning

You must be willing to stay in the learning mode if you plan to become a successful coach. Clients are expecting you to be ahead of them, and the curve in this fast paced world.

7. Selling Skills

Many business owners hate the word sell and many more will tell you that they don’t ‘sell’ in the traditional sense. Successful coaches however have excellent skills at generating qualified leads, presenting their offerings and converting prospects to clients.

8. Solid Value

Successful coaches know the value they provide and are not shy about asking for above average fees. You must be able to ask for what you are really worth and not discount your services.

9. An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Successful coaches understand the freedom and the risks associated with running their own business. They are smart, intuitive and highly innovative.

10. Work Ethic

Successful coached put in the required effort to grow their practice. They focus on revenue generating activities and promotional tasks because they understand that no matter how good your service, being able to market it successfully is the key.

11. Passion

If you do not have passion for what you are doing, or passion for your clients you will never become a successful coach. Successful coaches love what they do, love who they do it for and love how they can contribute.

About the Author

Jude Smiley is a published author of Fatal Distractions and the owner of Making Profits Pour™, a company dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to RAINMAKE their way to success. She writes the bi-weekly ezine, DOWNPOUR ™packed with high value content about sales, marketing and customer attraction. To receive a copy of her Free Report, 80 Ways to Generate a Downpour of New Business and a ton of other free stuff, visit

The Benefits of Obtaining Your iPad Charger

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Before the invention of iPad, lots of experts were asking whether this device would ignite without a remarkable battery. When it ejected, Apple launched its devices, which may go for hours without any recharge.

The mobile combatants at our web were looking for a handy iPad charger. The Griffin Power Jolt and Power Jolt Micro car chargers are there for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Both of the above fit into car’s cigarette socket. While these micro do their task of charging iPad rapidly with Griffin’s excellence manufacturing. We recommend readers consume the additional $5 to get the Power Jolt Plus for best results.

Our prime problem is the possession of various devices, plus a GPS, and there is merely 1 DC socket present in a car. The most excellent solution we may found is the Griffin’s Power-Jolt Plus iPad Charger. It performs everything the usual or Power Jolt Micro performs but possesses an additional accessory socket, which changes the one it’s using.

If you possess a GPS element and utilize it habitually, it is necessary. This iPad Charger not only charges the iPad, but all other Apple products like an iPhone and iPod. Simply plug it into cigarette lighter socket or 12V DC.

Salient Features:

1) It charges your iPad, iPhone and iPod via help of your 12V accessory socket.
2) It provides an additional socket to utilize for other Apple devices with charging.
3) It comprises Built-in Smart-Fuse™ denotes no fuses replacement.

Technical Measurements:

1) Input voltage of 12 – 16 V DC.
2) Output voltage via dock connector usable for iPad, iPhone and iPod: 5 V DC.
3) Output current via dock connector usable for iPad, iPhone and iPod 2.1 AMP.
4) output voltage 12 – 16 V DC.

So, these are the features of the iPad charger which you can experience by acquiring your own charger. Always do a right selection of charger because no any music device like an iPad can entertain you without its battery and without a charger, it is impossible to say that you may enjoy your listening while on your way and without a charger like this.

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Does Your Company Need Technology Liability Insurance?

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The IT industry is one of the fastest-changing industries on the planet. New inventions are made and scrapped every day, and a tiny omission in code can bring an entire system crashing to the ground. When you’re involved in an industry that’s as fast-paced and dynamic as that, it’s important to have a solid, protective technology liability insurance policy to rely on when things get tough.

Many technology companies don’t even realize all the risks to which they are exposed. Your company can come under fire for everything from a product that failed to perform as it was intended to errors in your coding and programming services. With a technology liability insurance policy, you don’t have to pay an exorbitant fee for a small, unavoidable error.

Another huge risk that technology companies come under is unauthorized access and network insecurity. This can have terrible consequences for a company, and can result in your secure data being stolen, the theft of client data from your web sites, and even the introduction of malicious code into your applications, leading to a product liability lawsuit for you down the road when the code starts destroying your customers’ computers. However, with technology product liability insurance, that risk is minimized, and you can feel safe using your networks for even sensitive applications.

And of course, there is the ever-increasing risk of copyright and trademark infringement. This can be a double-edged sword, since you can perform an infringement unknowingly, yet still get penalized for your mistake; or you can suffer the consequences of someone else misusing your copyrighted data or property. This is a very grey area of law that is still being defined, especially where technology is involved, and decisions can take years — and millions of dollars — to reach, whether you win the suit or not. So don’t risk it; make sure that your technology liability insurance includes copyright protection.

In addition to all the risks your company faces that are specifically technology-based, there are a number of risks that any company faces that must be addressed by any competent insurance policy. One of the biggest risks in running a company today is the threat of being accused of bad employment practices, so you should certainly make sure that whichever policy you choose includes employment practices liability insurance. Finally, you should make sure to choose a policy that offers Side A coverage for the directors and officers of your company, should anything go astray.

With all the risks faced by those in the technology industry, it would be foolish to operate without a technology liability insurance policy. So start looking into technology liability insurance today — just think of it as an anti-virus software for your company.

About the Author

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